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I started my guide career at the age of eight, leading some other girls to an underground tunnel nearby. I was already seen as something of an explorer, because I had just come back from the States (a pretty rare thing in those days), full of stories about things like Gorby and Bush toys in bed together under a Soviet-American flag or a press-conference which was held for us as the first Russians ever seen in Greensboro, North Carolina. Now it was the early 90s, when life in Russia turned upside down after an outright conversion from socialism to capitalism. (Oh yes, we did get out of that tunnel safe and sound!)

Later at college I took some friends hitch-hiking to see the stark beauty of Russian tundra and the rocky coasts of the Black Sea. And for graduation I treated myself to a trip to the most remote part of Russia – an otherworldly mysterious place where the great Siberian river Lena meets the Arctic Ocean. Back in Moscow and teaching Russian to expats, I found my students repeatedly asking me for guided tours around this huge puzzling city. With time and experience, as my students started bringing in their visiting friends for my guided tours I realized this is something I wanted to do full-time and started my own company. In addition to some classical routes I have been designing my own tours like Cycling Tour, Architecture and Literature, Hidden Area of Moscow.

And who knows, maybe you and I will find some new places together – Moscow is full of surprises!








Welcome to Moscow! My name is Svetlana. I am a professional licensed Moscow tour guide. A native Muscovite, I inherited my love of Russian history and culture from my mother and my love of Russian nature from my father.

I was a member of the communist youth organization when the USSR collapsed and a new era began. Monuments of old Russia were restored all over the country and new sources of historical information became accessible which allowed me to personally re-evaluate Russian history.

I always wanted to play a role in developing tourism in Russia, to share its beauty, culture and remarkable history. I feel really lucky to be able to do a job that I love. I very much enjoy introducing visitors to the landmarks of old Russia and I am keen to share my knowledge of the Soviet era and provide some insights into contemporary life in Russia.

Svetlana is an author of South of Moscow: Guarded by the Three Monasteries tour.







Why should you choose tour guides on

You should do it in order to understand the real significance of famous Moscow sights and to get more out of your holiday time. Our professional (tour guide Moscow) will compose the best itinerary for you, will tell you about key historical events and show magnificent pieces of architecture. Here is what distinguishes our guides:

1. Command of English. Our Moscow tour guides speak English fluently and you do not need to worry about missing something.

2. Friendly and social attitude. Our guides do not just provide travel services. They make your journey comfortable and cheerful. A Moscow private guide is not just a representative of our company but a friend who is ready to help.

3. Organizing skills. Do you want to get the most out of your time in Russia and to see as much as possible? Our tour guide will develop the most logical and efficient itinerary which suits your interests best.

4. Knowledge of all local issues, both past and present! Moscow private guide has a strong interest in Russian history and the present and can satisfy your curiosity or tell you about the day-to-day life in the city.

5. All our tours start and finish at your hotel. At the set time your Moscow tour guide will be waiting for you in the lobby.




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