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Moscow is the largest city in Europe. It is different from anything you might have seen in other European capitals. Having very little interaction with the rest of Europe for centuries, Russians developed their own style in architecture and life in general. It is always an exciting place to be; at the same time the city is clean, well-kempt and safe. The most popular time to go for vacation in Moscow is from May to the middle of October; though coming for New Year can also be a special experience. The Russian capital has a lot to offer to a tourist going for vacation Moscow. The main Moscow places to visit – the Kremlin and Red Square - are in the historical center. Besides those there are many others spots for Moscow sightseeing which are spread out all over the city.


What to do in Moscow?



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It could be quite an experience to have a Moscow vacation on some Russian holidays. On these days the city is beautifully decorated. There are Concerts and shows in the main squares and parks of the city.

There are many Russian holidays: we love to party! Choose what you are interested in and plan your vacation Moscow around these dates! We will always show you what to do in Moscow then.


  • 1. New Year holidays in Moscow from the 25th of December to the 10th of January are a huge deal in this country! There are hundreds of events and activities: concerts, open-air skating rinks, midnight champagne parties at the parks, folk music festivals, traditional crafts and Russian food, ice sculpture exhibitions and a lot more are out there for Moscow sightseeing. There are fairy lights in shop windows and streets are a blaze of light around the clock.



  • 2. Maslenitsa – the Russian version of Carnival - is a “pancake week” before Lent in late February or early March. Traditional celebrations and folk shows take place in Moscow places to visit , with dancing and bonfires and fireworks. People are eating pan-cakes - more like Russian crepes - which are a symbol of the sun and the coming of spring.


  • 3. Easter is another holiday, which can turn your Moscow sightseeing into unforgettable unique experience. You will see the revived Christian religious life in Russia, crack colorful eggs to see who is going to be the master of their fate in the coming days, listen to Church festive music, ring church bells in high steeples and try traditional Easter dishes, like the legendary Russian kulich and paskha.


4. The first decade of May, despite the clement weather, can be a bit of an inconvenient time for a Moscow vacation. The 1st of May is the International Labour Day dating back to the former Socialist times. On the 9th of May Russians celebrate Victory Day recalling the victims and glorious victory in WWII. What to do in Moscow on these days? One can see the Victory parade and Russian people giving thanks to their veterans. There are concerts and shows and Russian families from all over the country spending their vacation in Moscow . However the Red Square is closed for the parade rehearsals for several days. The Kremlin may be closed for several days as well.



  • 5. Throughout all summer and early autumn different festivals and events are being held in Moscow. The most famous of these is the international festival of military orchestras “The Savior Tower”.


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