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Soviet era tour

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The tour includes: The Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, Metro tour, Lenin’s Tomb, a unique tour of "sleeping neighborhood" *, lunch in a restaurant with Soviet cuisine (food is not included).

Optional: GULAG museum, Space Museum, WWII museum, VDNKh.

Duration: 6-7 hours.

Cost: 175 USD + the tickets

* "sleeping neighborhood"-  Moscow district, the largest experiment in industrialised housing in history, where homes would become mass-produced commodities like cars, fridges and TVs.


Dear visitors, in order to give you an  idea of a typical Soviet family, our guide Maria wrote an essay below. Enjoy! 

Let’s travel back to the 1980ies to follow the life of an imaginary Soviet family. Representatives of four generations of this family live in Moscow, three of which – in one sigle apartment, which was provided to them by State in 1960s in the newly built “sleeping neighborhood”. (Construction of "Sleeping neighborhoods"-  the largest project in industrialised housing in world history)


Great grandmother remembers the Revolution.

It is hard to believe, but the great grandmother, Lyudmila Fyodorvna, was born under tsarist regime! She lives separately from the rest of the family, in a communal apartment at the main street of Moscow. How much she adorned this room in 1922 when she moved here from a village with her husband, the Red Army lieutenant! This apartment formerly belonged to Nobles. Later it was shared among ONLY 12 people! Lyudmila Fyodorvna was one of them… Two years later, in 1924 they nearly froze up queueing to pay homage to Vladimir Lenin whose body lay in state.

Stalin’s times

The husband Lyudmila Fyodorvna disappeared without a trace during WWII and was officially called a missing person of the war. Their son Arkady (born in the mid-1920s) was eager to get to the front-line in 1941 and even lied about his age, adding several years. However, his lies were disclosed. He didn’t manage to get to the front. This must had saved his life because first two years of the war were most difficult. After the war, Arkady became a rocket engineer and later played an important role in sending the dog Laika to space. One of the advantages of his prestigious job was an opportunity of one-month stay in a resort at the Black sea coast. No money could get you there! Only connections or job at a prestigious enterprise…

Black sea coast was a perfect place to meet a girl. He met one and married her couple of years later.
Today he and his wife are busy at their dacha, a countryside house, which almost all Soviet families had, planting tomatoes and cucumbers.


Thaw, time of Nikita Khrushchev  

Their daughter Elena also became an engineer as most of her classmates did. She is working in the field of classified research. However people in her department do not really know what their plant is producing. They just see their own work. Frankly saying their efficiency and productivity is not strictly controlled. Along with the research, a working day might include a lot of chatting with the colleagues about their vacation kayaking along wild Siberian rivers and singing songs around camp fire, as well as weekends gardening at the dacha. Tea with a homemade pastry accompanies these chats.


 Just before Perestroika 

Son of this couple, Ivan is already 15 year old. He has a very fashionable accessory - a plastic bag with some English words like ‘Love’ or ‘Lucky Strike’.  Ivan goes to get some vinyl discs of Western bands (the Doors, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Pink Floyd) to a records flee market. This American music brings the feeling of personal freedom in the boring atmosphere of idealogical restrictions!   (Nobody was ever quite sure how legal this popular activity with vinyl discs was).

You will gain some insights into “Russian sole with Soviet background” and form your own opinion of the country. You will be leaving Russia with a feeling of being its real expert!






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