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What Does Moscow Eat?

To find out, let’s taste our way through local delicacies and staples at a couple of restaurants, go back in time at the oldest grocery store in the city and get something tasty at a neighborhood market.

Not Just Borsch

Everyone and their grandma knows the only proper recipe of borsch. The same goes for other mainstays of the Russian Festive table: lacy bliny, sweet and salty “herring under a fur coat” layered salad, crispy sooshki, kasha – the ultimate comfort food, a nip of ice-cold vodka or a long refreshing drink of kvass or mors... Let’s find out what our “special granny” cooked for us today!

Like Curry in London

Russians really enjoy the food of their Southern neighbor Georgia, but rarely cook it at home – not everyone has the patience to mince veggies, nuts and herbs as carefully as they do at the best Georgian place in Moscow. The guide will show you how to eat huge dumplings full of tasty broth, the khinkali, properly, as well as tell you what those tender spicy phkali balls are made of and which sauces go better with juicy lyulya lamb. Georgian wine or a cold bright-green soft drink, tarkhoon, go brilliantly with spicy food from the Caucasus.

Eat under the Big Top!

We will visit one of the oldest Big Top Markets just outside the city center, where the locals come to stock on fragrant vinegar-free pickles from a hearty Russian woman, for churchkhella – the Georgian energy-bar – and other fruity sweets and treats, for cottage cheese straight from the farm. These are only some of the treats you should go to the market for.



Tour duration: 4-5 hours
Tour cost: 300 USD (food is included) for 2 pax, every extra person + 80 USD

October - May: 220 USD (food is included) for 2 pax, every extra person + 80 USD





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