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Themed tours

In November 2017 it will be 100th anniversary of the Soviet Socialist revolution in Russia. This tour is dedicated to this crucial date. The tour will provide all the facts about the key events of the 20th century from Russian perspective. It will also give you a sense of how people of the Soviet Union lived their everyday lives and what did they value. Finally, you will understand Russian sole with Soviet background!

6-7 hours

175 USD

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The Central Airforce Museum in Monino, some 32km from Moscow is extremely popular among aircraft enthusiasts. Pre-soviet and Soviet planes, helicopters and jets are on display here. The tour price includes cost of transportation by car. You will be picked up from your hotel and taken back by car.

5-6 hours

200 USD for 1-2 people, 230 for 3-5 people

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Did you know, that icons are the visual language of Christianity? We say that icons are written, not painted. An icon provides a window into an ideal, redeemed world and its inhabitants. However an icon can also serve as a chronicle, a means of education or even the promotion of state ideology... Icon painting is the field in which Russia made the greatest input to world art.

Tour duration: 2 hours
Tour cost: 60 USD

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Immerse yourself in Moscow nightlife, accompanied by an English-speaking guide and a group of like-minded locals and travellers. This is an opportunity to visit the hottest nightlife spots in Moscow – we included four bars and clubs. For $30 you get free admisson, free drinks, guide services and socialising in a great atmosphere. The tour is taken every Friday and Saturday. Tour duration: 4 hours Tour price: 30 USD per person See more

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The medieval monasteries-fortresses to the south of Moscow: Donskoy, Danilovsky and Novospassky, tell vistors the history of Old Russia. All 3 have a thrilling history: they survided Polish and French invasions, years of aggressive atheism and, finally, a revival of Christianity in Russia. Here you will encounter a unique atmosphere of piety and devotion to the culture of pre-Revolution Russia.

Tour duration: 4 hours
Tour cost: 120 USD

This route runs through the central part of Moscow to the East of the Kremlin. It starts from Myasnitsky (Butchers') Gates Square, near the Chisty Prudy metro station. We walk along narrow crooked side-streets to Pokrovka Street and then continue downhill to the old Ivanov Monastery, which is near the Kitai-Gorod Metro Station.

3 hours

90 USD per group

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This tour focuses on a very harmonious district of Moscow. First, we will see the Novodevichy Convent, the beautiful Moscow nunnery, whose picturesque look have been carefully preserved. Then, we will visit the Novodevichy cemetery, the final resting place of the Russian military, political and cultural elite, which contains a fascinating collection of memorial art. And after a coffee-break we visit the house of Leo Tolstoy.

Tour duration: 5 hours
Tour cost: 160 USD

The area between Arbat street and Mayakovsky Square is rich in history of literature and is saturated with interestingly looking buildings. During the tour we will trace paths of such prominent writers as Mikhail Bulgakov, Nikolay Gogol, Alexander Pushkin and others and see Constructivism and Art-Noveau style architecture gems.

3 hours

90 USD per group

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The gallery's collection reflects clearly how people felt during the 20th century in Russia. In the early 1900s there was a spirit of revolution in the air. The atmosphere was one of 'anything goes' now and that the old 'rule book' can be thrown away. Artists were inspired to paint in very different way.

Tour duration: 2 hours
Tour cost: 60 USD

Just about any of our tours can be turned into child-friendly ones.

Tour duration and price: on request

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Jewish tour

This tour gives a well-rounded overview of life of Jews in Russia in the past and at the present time. Tourists get a chance to visit the main Jewish attractions of Moscow: Grand Choral Synagogue, Memorial Synagogue in the Victory Park (with the museum of Holocaust and Jewish Heritage inside it) and Jewish Museum & Tolerance Center, which is situated in a big Jewish community.
The tour can be also extended to WWII museum or to GULAG museum, which are both on the route. Upon request, we can organize a visit to Schneerson library. If guests wish, they can have a lunch break in a kosher restaurant. See more

7 hours

150 USD per group plus 20 per person for tickets.

Transportation: either on foot or by car. Driving services cost 90 USD per day.

Food tour, Foodies' tour

This tour will get you acquainted with Russian food. You can learn about what, when and how we eat here. There are a lot of delicious peculiarities! These days traditional Russian cuisine exists alongside with popular dishes of Soviet times. Besides, various cuisine of former USSR republics is well-represented in Moscow too. We invite you to take part in this culinary and cultural adventure!

4-5 hours

250 USD (food is included) for 2 pax, every extra person + 75 USD

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The tour covers: Gorky Park, Muzeon Park, Moscow State University, Novodevichy Convent, Novodevichy Cemetery.

4-5 hours

150 USD per group + 20 USD per person

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