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Everyone who is coming to Moscow should include a visit to the Moscow Kremlin in their travel plans. It is the oldest part of the city, its geographical, historical and spiritual center. A Kremlin guided tour will allow you to see one of the greatest architectural treasures in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So, what is the Kremlin in Russia? A kremlin means “fortress” or “citadel”. Some other old regional centers of Russia have their own kremlins. The origins of the Moscow Kremlin are found in its central square deep within the walls, where six beautiful cathedrals rise up with gleaming domes and dazzling white facades. Their foundations were laid, and the word 'kremlin' first used in the early fourteenth century. For centuries the Kremlin was a residence of Russian tzars and all of them are buried inside the Kremlin. In the times of the USSR the fortress became a workplace for Communist leaders. Nowadays it is an office of the Russian president.

Why should I visit the Kremlin?

The Kremlin is the site of many stirring events. During its long history the fortress was more than once raided by nomads, it was the stage of numerous feudal wars and devastating fires, but each time it was burnt to the ground or taken it came back greater than ever before. A 1.5 hour (kremlin tour) will take you on a ride along the twisting path of Russian history. Your Kremlin guide will tell you about some of the greatest and most terrible figures in human history and their life in the Kremlin. During the Kremlin private tour you get to see seven gorgeous 500-year-old cathedrals and churches, the giant Tsar-Bell and Tsar-Cannon and take a walk in the Kremlin Gardens. All these sights are included in our Kremlin guided tour. Standing in middle of the incomparably beautiful Cathedral Square and looking around, you can learn from your Kremlin private guide about the significance of each building which encircles it.

What else can I see during a Kremlin visit?

For a more rounded experience, a Kremlin tour may be combined with a visit to the Armoury – an outstanding museum of jewelry, regalia of state, weapon and carriages. Your Kremlin guide can conduct a tour of this museum too, just book it in advance. Another famous museum, The Diamond Fund, has a stunning collection of raw diamonds, golden nuggets, other precious stones and priceless pieces of jewelry, including the Crown of the Russian Empire made for the empress Catherine the Great. The Diamond Fund is located inside the Armoury, but is a separate museum. You can buy tickets on the spot (500 RUB).

How can I organize a visit to the Kremlin by myself?

The first thing you should do to visit the Kremlin is to go to the ticket office located in the Alexander Garden, near the entrance to the Kremlin. During high season queuing can take a long time. You can buy the tickets online on the Kremlin website. Then you still need to exchange the e-tickets for paper tickets at the ticket office. However the guided tour will take your experience of this visiting the Kremlin to a whole new level. With the guide's help you will be able to learn about the background of everything you see and to get much closer to the life of the Russians of 15-17th centuries. The tour includes visiting two cathedrals inside the Kremlin. The guide will clarify the rich symbolism and ritual of the Russian Orthodox church. While wandering among the tombstones of Russian rulers, you will learn more about the varied past of the country from your Kremlin guide.

How is a Kremlin guided tour organized?

After you book one of our tours which include a Kremlin visit, we will send you a request via PayPal so that you can make a prepayment for the tickets. We will buy the tickets in advance, the name of your Kremlin guide will be printed on them. On the day of the tour your guide will meet you in the hotel lobby. A tour of the Kremlin and the Armoury or the Kremlin and Red Square takes three hours. The Kremlin guided tour should be booked in advance as we would need to make sure of the tickets. Please book at least three days before the date; during high season, especially if you want to include the Armoury, two-three weeks ahead can guarantee you a tour.


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