One Day Tour of Moscow

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Let us show you all the best Moscow has to offer in one day! Your guide will meet you in your hotel and will bring you back after this 6-7 hours tour which includes a walking tour of the city center, a visit to the Kremlin, and the Metro tour.


1. During a walking tour the guide will show you:

Red Square - the main square of the country

St. Basil’s Cathedral - a touristic symbol of Moscow 

GUM – an elegant 19th Century shopping centre

Lenin’s Mausoleum (Lenin's Tomb) - a unique chance to see a real historical character and not his pictures

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour - the biggest Orthodox church in the world with an impressive golden dome and interesting history

The Bolshoi Theatre (outside only)

The KGB building

and some other places, our personal favourites in Moscow - 

St. Barbara Street (Varvarka Street) – one of the oldest Moscow streets where the old churces lined up

The house where the first tzar of the Romanov dynasty was born

The Church of the Holy Trinity in Nikitniki – exuberant architecture of the 17th Century in a secret courtyard



 2. The main sight of Moscow - the Kremlin is also a part of this tour. It is the oldest part of Moscow, a citadel in the centre of the city, where Tzars used to have their residences and where the office of the President of the Russian Federation is located. We will buy the tickets in advance, so you will not need to queue for them.


3. After visiting the Kremlin the guide will show you the Metro - the most elegant metro in the world undoubtly! You will see its most beautiful stations, built in the 1930-1950ss and learn a lot curious facts about history of Moscow Metro and its present.


Duration: 6-7 hours 

Cost (for a group of up to 5 pax): English - 240 USD

Additional expenses: Kremlin tickets - 15 USD per person + a ticket for a guide (to be prepaid via PayPal)


One Day Tour Delux includes a visit to the Armoury and a private car

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